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Warning on scholarship scams from Hold onto your pocketbook if they ask you for money. Not all for-profit scholarship finders are scam artists. There are honest businesses. But thousands of students and parents do get conned by scholarship scams every year. Less-than-ethical operations imitate government agencies, grant-giving foundations, education lenders and scholarship-matching services, using official-sounding names.

You'll also want to see the Federal Trade Commission's advice on avoiding scholarship scams.

Scholarship finder has been around since 1994 and offers a pretty complete help package. No fee. It's part of the main page. has scholarship info and looks to be a very complete and good service. But be aware that junk mail and spam can result. If you don't want the ads that will come with this free service, be sure to check the "No, please exclude me" box.

The Jackie Robinson Foundation provides scholarship information aimed toward minority youth.

Scholarship information directed toward a gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender audience is available here.
Look also at the inclusive webpage maintained by the Minnesota GLBT Educational Fund. This lists known scholarships programs for GLBT students, or for children of GLBT families. The list currently includes 128 scholarship programs, with scholarships for the US, Canada, 38 states within the U.S. and three provinces in Canada.

The Christian College page, with scholarship info.
Baptist scholarships
Religious scholarships -- more than a dozen scholarship sites listed by faith group.

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